Zoom by Mobimex stands for love of and dedication to solid wood. This authentic, beautiful material never fails to delight and is a sustainable natural resource of great value. Wood is like a diary that provides a fascinating record of contemporary history. Trees up to a century old are cut, stored and dried, before being skilfully crafted into unique furniture that exudes naturalness and perfection. Zoom by Mobimex, however, also represents a furniture collection demanding in its aesthetic value. Design is our standard, our furniture must exhibit the genuineness and authenticity of the materials through its simplicity, and through its creative craftsmanship. Furniture that fascinates, furniture that gives pleasure, and furniture that we enjoy using, from day to day.




                                      Dante Bonuccelli

X2 combines design logic with aesthetic pleasure and authenticity. Lathe-turned wooden cantilevers joined by a cast steel node support the table top. Such well-planned architecture achieves maximum load capacity with minimum use of material. Available in solid wood, with a choice of forms, types of wood and surface finishes.




                                      Carlo Clopath

Form meets flawless function: exceptionally smooth to the touch and featuring a table top that can be effortlessly extended, this piece combines sleek lines with elegant shapes and details finished to the highest quality. The table top can be moved effortlessly along the longitudinal bars of the base, exposing the solid wood frame and the hidden extender. The practical extension piece can be made from solid wood or FENIX NTM, a lightweight, opaque material with a high-quality, ultra-scratch-proof coating. The table can be extended in a flash to conjure up space for more guests.




                                      Carlston Gollnick

A striking feature of this model: the two bold lengthwise grooves along the three-section table top. They emphasise the length in addition to the wood grain. The twin legs, recessed inwards, are made from cast aluminium lacquered in colour, and give the table excellent stability despite its light, graceful appearance. The lines and position of the underframe are directly related to the manner in which the table top is divided up. In this way, the table top and underframe form a single visual entity.