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design Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen reconfigures the dining room, adding character with a new table design, available in two different versions. The table, featuring a cylindrical and cone-shaped pedestal in the centre, divided in two in the vertical part of the base, is available in two versions tapered at the edges: round and oval, blending in perfectly with all kinds of environments. The cone-shaped base is made with a curved plywood template; the two printed halves, when juxtaposed, design an open furrow in the centre, giving the base a completely unexpected personality.

“It was inspired by the hospitality area designed for the new Pavilion inside the Molteni&C headquarters. A welcoming place, conceived to create an atmosphere of Italian hospitality, elegant and minimal, in line with the soul of the brand”.

Vincent Van Duysen

Mateo table and Janet chairs.jpg
Porta Volta on set.jpg

Porta Volta

by Herzog & de Meuron

The Porta Volta Chair by Herzog & de Meuron marks a new chapter of collaboration between the historic brand Molteni&C and the renowned international architectural firm, long-term partners of the Molteni Group.

The Porta Volta Chair highlights the relationship between the upholstered seat and the solid timber back, the defining element of the design. The floating backrest extends around the perimeter of the seat in a U-shape, extending forward to create the armrests, and resting on 3 intersecting wooden U-frames that feature a special curved bent “finger joint” detail at their rounded corners. The legs and the support for the back are angled slightly outwards, to give a sense of stability and generosity while adding extra comfort.

Tuscany on set.jpg


design Naoto Fukasawa

Acclaimed designer Naoto Fukasawa presents his latest exploration of shape and form with Tuscany, the chaise longue that marks an important contribution to the Molteni&C catalog, recalling new suggestions.

“The Chaise lounge, with its undulations reminiscent of the rolling hills of Tuscany, was designed so that you can lie on it and doze off while gazing at the hills in the distance. The soft and ergonomic cushions conform easily to the contours of your body”

explains Fukasawa


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